Fusion Fighter Hack Mod 2018 (Saiyan Frontier )

Fusion Fighter Hack April 2018

Fused Warriors often tend to refer to their Fusees in the third person (ex: Gogeta saying “I am neither Goku nor Vegeta, I am the instrument of your destruction!”) possibly because they have their own personalities and consider themselves a completely different being. However, it is shown that Vegito retains feelings for both Goku’s and Vegeta’s families.
A shiny new involvement in the New Fusion Fighter Crystal hack is coming!

A New World! Gather notorious characters, construct your own group, find obscure an area, and overwhelm the universe close by the greater part of your companions!


That’s right, the Frieza from Seasons 2 and 3, the one who could blow up planets with his fingertips, New Fusion Fighter Crystal hack did that all on raw natural talent. This time, he takes his fight with Goku seriously and goes through grueling training exercises for four long months. All juiced up, Frieza makes his way to earth to do battle with his arch-nemesis, revealing his new golden form which gives him unbelievable abilities. The only downside is that this new ability quickly drains his power, a fact that Goku uses to his advantage. While Frieza does manage to blow earth to smithereens at the end of the climactic battle, Whis turns back time to have Goku decimate Frieza with a Kamehameha wave, Legit Fusion Fighter Hack sending the tyrant back to Hell where he belongs.

The Budokai video game series also features two What-if fusions. Tiencha (Yamhan in the Japanese release) is a dance fusion between Tien Shinhan and Yamcha. In a brief scene in the bonus stage of Z World (based on another of Akira Toriyama’s works, Nekomajin) featured exclusively in the Japanese version of Budokai 2, Goku meets Tien and Yamcha (who then fuse together) on the gameplay board. Budokai 2 also features imaginary absorptions for Super Buu. In the game, Buu can use his absorption technique as a normal attack capsule. If successful, Buu absorbs a random character, giving him a new appearance and some of that character’s attacks. While he can use his previous absorptions of Gohan and Gotenks, he can also absorb Frieza Working Fusion Fighter Hack (giving him Frieza’s purple studs and Death Ball finisher), Cell (giving him Cell’s black chest stud and green spots as well as the Spirit Bomb), Vegeta (giving him Vegeta’s Buu Saga blue muscle shirt and Final Flash attack), and a two-for-one absorption of Tien and Yamcha (giving him Tien’s Cell Saga green sash, Yamcha’s scars, and both Tien’s Volleyball Fist and Yamcha’s Sōki-Dan attack). Buu never absorbed these characters in the original manga or anime.


This technique is used twice in the series. When this happens, the Namekians can choose who’s form the new being will be based on. Both times, Piccolo fused with Nail, the last Warrior-Type Namekian and then with Kami. Both times, Nail and Kami agreed they would not combine their individuality with Piccolos due to his pride and for their own individual reasons. Nail simply wanted to make sure Frieza is beaten. Kami agreed to defeat a new threat, they had to reunite. However, Piccolo does notice some personality changes before adjusting to them and returning to his old self. During the second fusion with Kami, Piccolo briefly stated he’s not Kami nor Piccolo but a Namekian who has long since forgotten his name. Later on, however, he went back to referring to himself as Piccolo. On both occasions, Piccolo gained enough power to defeat the current villain before they powered up.


Like Kid Buu, who was a mindless agent of chaos, Janemba isn’t the smartest villain on the block, especially in his first form. A fighter more than a scholar, the super demon has his actions speak for him, and they speak volumes. The main baddie of Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, Janemba is pretty much the DBZ version of Satan, if Satan was a devastating martial arts champion. While his first form is easily defeated by Super Saiyan 3 Goku, his second incarnation is nothing to be scoffed at.

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