The Alchemist Code Hack Mod

The Alchemist Code Mod hack April 2018

The apex of Japanese Strategy RPGs delighted in by millions in Japan, The Alchemist Code delivers a charming blend of bona fide strategic components and a plenty of fantastic substance – from exceptional 3D movements to staggering anime-styled cutscenes and additionally heavenly music and voice acting!

Play your cards right – ace the arcane energy of Alchemy and modify the destiny of the world!


Exemplary turn-based fight framework with network-based development

Summon key units on 3D territories, consider the distinction in height and introduction to turning the tides of fights


Summon, gather and develop more than 50 delightfully outlined characters

Ace a wide determination of Jobs Classes, open new capacities and outfits


Continuous 4P multiplayer center – Challenge abnormal state cells with 3 different players

Put your aptitudes under a magnifying glass at the Arena! Fight kindred players to climb Daily Arena Rankings and get remunerated

The game is a hazard of fun but faces MASSIVE balancing delivery. Many negative statuses are crippling, and even the most engulfed once, copy stop or pebble, have a practical guarantee of being effective. Until the game adds more forms of condition resistance, some stages are much harder than they should be. Full Review

Been playing for over a year from. Japanese server to English. The closest game I ever found to Final Fantasy Tactics. Super fun, good RNG, no nature bound. The Japanese translation prob has over 100 characters right now. Love the story,  The Alchemist Code hack android looking forward to future events in English this time.

Ananggooinini Starman November 15, 2017, Pretty good lame. Is really alike compared to final whim tactics. Amazing graphics, so well done character design, superb game music, and really engaging voice enaction. Overall I’d say it’s well priced downloading. At least to give it a shot.

Player level exp & multiplayer: As you can see Logi’s level max at the moment is 57. But limiting element is gamester level, thus I can get Logi to 42 and then I exigency more gamester even. Easiest and best way to get levels is to do diurnal examine. Normal & Hard Story give 1 flat exp per 1 vigor used, multiplayer is 2 XP / 1sta. To get more player levels, the largest way is to grind multiplayer, one clear takes about 5 minutes and you necessity to manually do it. There is no auto-battle option in multiplayer. Multiplayer is also the way to get develop & job materials & materials needed to open new jobs. Adv dungeons rigid and they are available in multiplayer only. You either go into multiplayer pen (4 persons) or you can settle to solo it in multiplayer mode (with only one unit). Beginner (Bgn) and Intermediate (Int) can be solved more easily. The Alchemist Code hack in ios So if there are no multiplayer rooms available you can solo Bgn multiplayer and effectuate daily quest (do one multiplayer). For soloing Int, the unit needs to be around lvl 20-25.

(enabling) gaming addiction isn’t cool, especially when they’re targetted at teens/kids resembling this anime game. it’s corrupting shit. playing each Olympic for guiltless transfer into a crappy soulless MMO grind, so what’s the derive here for psychically healthy people?

The work regard in this is pretty high. Very astonish. So alienated, played for about a conjuncture and I definitely like it. Just a heads up, in the beginning, there will be a fair around of move of string when switching between the screens. After you download it though, it’s a smooth transition. Quote

President of Gumi Inc. and CEO ‘Hironao Kunimitsu’, stated that: “The Alchemist story has captivated audiences in Japan and garnered a dedicated to(predicate) fanbase in Japan, with growing interest cosmopolitan. With that, we are excited to tell now that we will transport the opulent and vast Alchemist cosmos to trifler universal in our upcoming mobile title, The Alchemist Code.”

From what the trailer reveals, The Alchemist Code looks to be similar to Final Fantasy Tactics like Olympic with recruitable characters (presumably through a Gatcha system). Personally, The Alchemist Code hack no survey I bounteous of resembling what I see and suspicion the plan will do well. A mobile Final Fantasy tactics like the game with some multiplayer elements could be a big strike. Especially since the game has an exquisite product value (anime cutscenes, words acting, 3D contest, etc).

As I’ve said before, turn-based strategy project isn’t really my thing, but I can’t remedy but admire the impartial of quality on exhibition in The Alchemist Code. Part of that is due to using some well-known names for stuff probably character animation, melody, and vote work. Being that the game has been downloaded millions of clock over in Japan I’d deem that means they’re deed something right. The soon impressions in our forums have also been quite certain, so if you enjoy strategy RPGs and are looking for something new, precisely give The Alchemist Code a try and place your own thoughts about the game in the female thread.


Continue animating enterprises and cross through one of a kind scenes

Take up energizing Missions and Challenges every day and get incredible prizes

Find fascinating character identities, holding backstories and journeys


The Forbidden Art of Alchemy achieved devastation and a world separated by contrasting beliefs.

It was fixed away into the haziness by the Seven Kingdoms of Babel.

In any case, its seal has hinted at debilitating, flagging a prominent anticipating of what’s to come.

Presented with the energy of Alchemy, who will win, and achieve an adjustment on the planet? Where will you will take you and by what means will the world judge you?

Humankind’s Will is just helpless before the Stones of Gods


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